Joint appearance of Euro-me united Germany VERMES in Nepcon Shanghai

Source : Euro-me Shenzhen Trade & Development Co., Ltd.    Time : 2017-01-05    Hits : 1951

    Our company Euro-me and Germany VERMES which we present as a sole agency take part in Nepcon china 2016 (Necon Shanghai) hand in hand from Apr. 26th to 29th 2016. Germany VERMES is a global leading company in contact free pieze base microdispensing, enjoying high reputation inside the industry.

    Nepcon China is one of the long history exhibitions in grand scale covering from surface mounting, electronic manufacturing automatic machine and PCB. Over 550 leading brands from global electronic manufacturing gather in the exhibition.


    Established in the German economic area München in 1946, VERMES designs and manufacture dispensing series which are the highest level in fluid contact free dispensing. As early as the beginning of 20th century, VERMES has already owned fluid contact free core technology- pieze motor, and received great success at that time. From 2002, VERMES capitalizes on the core technology to create new development direction in contact free pieze base microdispensing, providing the best fluid contact free dispensing solution to the global customers.

    In addition to showing VERMES series products, we have performed a lot of live demonstrations. With the increasement of influence by VERMES in the southeast china market and enlargement of customer group, we utilize Nepcon Shanghai, the good and special platform, to establish close cooperative relations with more industrial customers in mutual development.

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