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Manager :  Rocky Li
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Business activities

Benefits from one source - ELOVIS

·         Opto electronics (light detection and laser diode drivers)

·         Optimized digital signal processing (different types of processors)

·         Optics design (also difractive optics)

·         Field bus competence (Profibus, CANbus, …)

·         Wireless communication (e.g. Bluetooth)

·         Use of micro controllers

·         Analogue current sourcing logic

·         Measurement technology (development, prototyping and assembly of complete measurement systems)

·         Camera systems and vision technology

·         CAD development (circuit design and circuit board layout)

·         Construction of mechanics (3D) directly linked with circuit board layout

·         Programming of  PLCs and micro controllers

·         Software development for PC under Windows and Linux



From idea to volume market circuit board - ELOVIS

·         High performance DSP (floating point)

·         Low power DSP (fixed point) for portable applications

·         Supersensitive analogue sensor systems

·         Programmable logics (FPGA, CPLD)

·         System interconnection/ integration (Profibus, CANbus, Ethernet)

·         Wireless communication (Bluetooth, GSM, 866MHz)


Optics / Micro optics

Development of optical and micro optical components - ELOVIS

·         Diffractive optical elements (Lenses, lattice, holographic elements)

·         Refractive optical elements

·         Design, simulation and test of complete micro optical systems

·         Assembly technology


System integration

Concept and specification of complete customized systems - ELOVIS

·         Specification

·         Design, simulation, test environment and testing

·         Mechanical integration (housing, buildup technique)

·         Prearrangement and accomplishment of production

If you are interested in ELOVIS competences, please send your mail,or contact our development department directly (tel. 0755-8384 2749).